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Summer Camp - preschool, ages 2 1/2 to 5 1/2

Full Day, 5 days/week: 7:00am to 6:00pm = $1,250/month
Full Day, 3 days/week: 7:00am to 6:00pm = $700/month
AM Half Day, 5 days/week: 7:00am to 12:30pm = $700/month
PM Half Day, 5 days/week: 12:30 to 6:00pm = $700/month

Preschool summer program summary:
Preschool age children will continue to follow their daily routine with ongoing preschool instruction, more outdoor time, lots of water play, the sand pit and games. Children stay engaged and active while constantly learning, whether it be through blocks indoors or engineering sand creations. We want to see all children have as much fun each and every day with many opportunities to socially interact with their peers. Lots of sunshine, water play, outdoor games and indoor activities! Special Event Wednesdays! Throughout the summer we host special guests on campus for all ages such as magic shows, petting zoos and pony rides!

Tuition will be charged weekly regardless of attendance for vacations, emergency events, weather events, etc. year round. Weekly tuition must be paid by the Friday before the upcoming week. There is a $100 enroll fee upon enrollment per family. A $75 summer event fee is due each June 1st per child for summer special events.  For the 3 day options, you must choose the same 3 weekdays for your child to attend as their regularly scheduled days each week. Adding or changing weekdays requires a two week written notice to change your child's schedule and is on space available only basis.

​Summer Camp - school age, ages 5 to 12

7:00am to 6:00pm = $1,250/month, 5 days/week, July & August

School Age summer program summary: school age children will challenged with many activities including science, art, ample outdoor time, as well as multiple cooking projects throughout the week. Our focus is to ensure all children have an engaging, challenging and safe environment to express themselves in a positive way. Children will be given lots of time to interact with each other through play, including games, water play, sports and scooters. We strive to make sure each child is having a wonderful time and enjoying plenty of sunshine. A $75 summer event fee is due each June 1st per child for summer special events and a $14 fee/child for each field trip attended.

School Age field trips: any child who attends full time and who will be attending First Grade or a higher grade level in the fall is welcome to join us. The typical trip involves a 4 to 5 hour time away from school where each child can explore new surroundings such as a parks or special destinations. It gives them an opportunity to experience the fun and excitement of having more room to run, play, hike, and explore. Destinations include such places as Forest Spray Park & Animal Farm, Meadowdale Puget Sound Park, and Kelsey Creek Farm. For field trips, each child will need to bring a brown bag lunch and a water bottle along with proper clothing. Children must be attending first grade in the upcoming fall, be completely restroom independent and able to follow teacher direction in order to attend.

Summer curriculum samples - Circles: Sink or Float experiment, The Color Song, Community Pirate Ship, Act out Tough Boris, Boat Derby. Art: Boats for Derby, Paper plate pirate faces, Palm tree w/ coconuts, Eye Patches

During the summer Spanish, sign language, yoga continue to be included as part of the daily curriculum.

An Early Achievers Program

A great place for kids to learn and grow!

Summer Camp for all ages!