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An Early Achievers Program

A great place for kids to learn and grow!

Our Programs

Preschool children ages 2 ½ to 5 need safe, engaging surroundings to explore in a combination of both free play and teacher directed activities. Very young children are in a critical stage of learning life-long social skills. We focus on helping them acquire those hard won skills with multiple activities such as circle time, group games and activities, as well as teacher mentored free play with friends. Free play is where children learn to interact successfully with both teachers and peers. School and learning should be positive experiences for children every day. Not only will they will learn to make friends, we will also be introducing them to academics, problem solving, literacy, language development, math, science, cooking and so much more. Learning should be hands on, fun and something children can enjoy in order for them to truly absorb the skills and information we present. Our program is designed to provide a full preschool experience whether your child attends for our half day morning or half day afternoon sessions. For full time children, they receive a full program with lots of learning opportunities balanced with free play with friends and quiet times to rest and relax.

Our prekindergarten class for ages 4 to 5 is held as an inbedded class designed for children who will be attending kindergarten the following year. The class is held 5 days per week whenever NSD is in session Sept. through June. Each morning, prek age children who attend either full day or morning half days will enjoy a separate experience in a separate classroom with focused activities designed for kindergarten readiness. Prek students engage in mini sessions of what we call “mock kindergarten” that include small focus groups for academics and journal work. Part of kindergarten readiness is learning to be self-completing of tasks, increased ability to follow teacher directed activities, independence in self-help skills, and the ability to negotiate and resolve conflict with peers. Prek children participate in art daily as good practice in fine motor skills by drawing and using scissors (this is a precursor to writing skills). Each week, we will take part of the day to try cooking and science experiments. We will engage the children in math, language/vocabulary development, sign language and Spanish on a daily basis. Our goal is to set the stage for all children to flourish in kindergarten and succeed throughout their educational career. Extended care is built in and available as either a half day or full day enrollment.

School age children Kindergarten to 12 years attend Before & After care during the school year and for full days during school breaks and over the summer. During the school year after class, we help children with homework and enjoy a calm environment full of games, art, cooking projects and outdoor play after a long day at school. In the morning before school, children enjoy breakfast and a little outdoor time with friends before their busy day at school begins. Our van provides transportation to and from Kenmore Elementary School,  Lockwood Elementary School and Shelton View Elementary School.

Summer Programs offers fun for all!
We offer a fun in the sun campus wide summer camp for all ages. Lots of outdoor activities including water play, the sand pit, bikes, and the children’s garden in our huge, park-like playground. Continuity through summer allows children to continue to form social and classroom skills in a relaxed and fun oriented summer camp environment.

For Preschoolers, summer time is a wonderful mix of multiple outdoor adventures; building and constructing tunnels and waterways in the sandbox, helping in the children’s garden, and running through the sprinkler on the warm days. Our curriculum continues through the summer with themed activities that include the same creative and highly designed learning opportunities year round. During the summer, we want to see all children have as much fun as possible each and every day while the learning continues whether we are inside or out.

During the summer and other school breaks, school age children enjoy our theme based and challenging activities including science, art, ample outdoor time, and multiple cooking projects throughout the week. Our focus is to ensure all children have a fun and safe environment to express themselves in a positive way. During the summer, school age children have the option to attend weekly field trips to local parks and points of interest to explore with their friends. There’s nothing better than a picnic lunch at the park with your buddies in the summer.

Our Programs