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Children who are non-nappers enjoy pre-planned activities and friends after lunch. Non-nappers have special circle times, engage in small group focused activities for art/puzzles & games, and also have some additional outdoor time. Once nap time is over, the classes combine according to ages and play groups where the fun continues through the end of the day with ongoing scheduled activities and projects.

Our goal for children over the course of a year, is that they acquire the social, emotional, cognitive and motor skills they need to succeed as they progress to the next phase of their life and education. We want all children to learn to use scissors, write their names, and learn to make friends and how to keep friends. Pre-literacy, science, music, art, math and problem solving are all included as skills to be gained.

We offer Spanish, sign language and yoga as part of their daily routine.

A brown bag lunch from home is served at 11:30. A healthy and adequate brown bag lunch from home that includes a beverage must be provided if your child attends at lunch time. We have friendly conversations and often read stories during lunch.

Snacks are provided by Morning Star School four times per day; breakfast, mid-morning, afternoon and a late day snack. Snacks include many healthy options that meet the state guidelines for healthy eating. Snacks include items such as; bagels, yogurt, fresh fruits and vegetables, we also like to include some fun snacks like English muffin pizzas and quesadillas. We also like to have children participate in preparing their own snacks whenever possible.

During outdoor play, teachers will organize group games, help children make new friends and practice social skills. Children play in our giant sandpit building, digging and creating structures and sculptures including volcanoes and canals. We have plenty of hula hoops, balls, toys and outdoor games to keep their bodies moving and to keep them challenged.

Prekindergarten as kindergarten readiness is provided in the morning for our full time and half day morning students on space available and developmentally appropriate placement for individual children (it is at our sole discretion to determine which students are ready to attend this class). Our school age classroom is available in the morning for a prekindergarten focus group 5 days a week when Northshore School District (NSD) is in session. The focus for our prek students is to provide a more challenging curriculum and social setting for children who will be going to kindergarten the following year.

Additional Information:

Program summary for preschool: preschoolers in all rooms will enjoy all the bells and whistles of a full preschool and prek program both inside and out. Math, science, cooking, building sandbox structures, and many other age appropriate activities will be used throughout the day as learning opportunities. Free play with peers is a critical time for preschool age children to master social/emotional skills, practice language, cognitive problem solving and engage in fine and gross motor activities. Research overwhelmingly emphasizes that children learn at their most challenging levels during free with peers in a well designed environment.

Curriculum for preschool: Circle times include many fun activities to enjoy as a whole group; Worker Ants, Eyes on Me, Simon Says, Acting out “No David” all teach taking turns, working with others as a group, and developing interpersonal skills. We have weekly themes that our lessons revolve around. We incorporate songs, physical movements as well as stories to keep the children engaged and learning. Art happens all day every day both as free play and structured projects, including such things such as; interlocking friendship puzzle pieces, 3-D hand trees, collage, scissor cutting, painting, gluing, and an endless array of materials and fine motor challenges.

A day at Morning Star School starts when your child enters the building. Each child is greeted by a smiling teacher happy to see them. The child hands their lunch to the teacher, finds their name on the sign in board, takes care of stowing their own backpack and washes their hands before finding their friends to play. All children are included in the activities offered, from free play to circle time to outside time. Children are encouraged to make friends, invited to join the art or play dough table and integrated into the room and group when they arrive. We have multiple times each day where art projects are offered along with yoga and group games such as red light green light and musical chairs.

Napping children have a quiet place to nap in the Pluto Room as our dedicated napping area. If your child is beginning to leave naps behind, but still needs a quiet time, they also benefit from a quiet room to lay down for a rest. We read bedtime stories, play a little music and sit with children as needed to help them drift off to sleep.

Full or half day childcare for preschool ages 2 1/2 to 5 1/2

Full Day, 5 days/week: 7:00am to 6:00pm = $1,250/month

Full Day, 3 days/week: 7:00am to 6:00pm = $700/month

AM Half Day, 5 days/week: 7:00am to 12:30pm = $700/month
PM Half Day, 5 days/week: 12:30 to 6:00pm = $700/month

There is  $100/month Family Discount when more than one sibling is enrolled. Tuition will be charged weekly regardless of attendance for vacations, emergency events, weather events, etc. year round. Weekly tuition must be paid by the 1st day of the upcoming month. There is a $100 enroll fee upon enrollment per family. A $75 summer event fee is due each June 1st per child for summer special events. For the 3 day options, you must choose the same weekdays for your child to attend as their regularly scheduled days each week. Adding or changing weekdays requires a two week written notice to change your child's schedule and is on space available only basis.

Daily Schedule

Preschool Daily Schedule

7:00-9:00 Free play (art, sensory, interest centers)
9:00-9:15 Morning snack followed by potty break
9:30-9:45 Circle time: stories, group activities, 

    Spanish & sign language
9:45-10:30 Free play (journals, science, cooking)
10:30-11:00 clean up, outdoor play
11:00-11:45  Lunch followed by potty break

11:45-12:30 Free play/interest centers

12:30-2:30 Nap time for nappers

    NON-Nappers: our non-nappers enjoy quiet    time and some extra outdoor time

11:30-12:15 Lunch followed by potty break

12:15-12:45 Free play/interest centers

12:45-1:15 circle time: stories and yoga

1:15-1:50 Small group art/games/puzzles

1:50-2:30 Clean up/outdoor play

    After nap combined group - all students

2:30-2:45 Afternoon snack followed by potty

2:45-3:30 Free play (art, sensory, interest centers)

3:30-4:10 Outdoor play

4:10-4:30 Late afternoon snack followed by potty

4:30-5:00 Circle time/daily reflection, songs,

   stories, yoga, Spanish

5:00-6:00 Free play/interest centers, games, small

   group activities, clean up

Goals for free play interest activities: physical skills - both large and fine motor; cognitive skills - problem solving/math/science; language skills - verbal and written including preliteracy skills; social and emotional skills - self soothing, negotiation with peers, making friends, democratic life skills in social problem solving.

Preschool Program

An Early Achievers Program

A great place for kids to learn and grow!