Our Philosophy 

We are a WA State Early Achievers Program. Early Achievers is Washington State’s quality rating system. It provides a common set of expectations and standards for early childhood education goals. These standards define and measure the quality of our early learning program at Morning Star School. An integral part of an Early Achievers Program includes a high level of interaction between children and teachers on a daily basis.

If you think your child should look forward to being here every day, love learning, be well socialized and superbly ready for their future success; your child is an excellent candidate for Morning Star School.

Do our kids have fun? Yes. Do our students learn through play based curriculum? Yes, because that’s how young children learn best. Do we teach preschool academic basics and challenge school age children too? Absolutely – in an age appropriate manner that encourages children’s natural interest.

We believe in making learning fun so that kids enjoy learning, want to learn and love to learn. We develop our curriculum and structure our classrooms by applying our expert knowledge of childhood development.

At Morning Star School, we offer a flexible environment that encourages children to create their own ideas, to interact successfully with teachers and other children, and to gain a better understanding of the world around them. We give them the freedom to make choices and provide them with opportunities to exercise their curiosity. Our kids are also, on occasion, grubby and paint-splashed, because we believe that kids should be kids.

Morning Star School is nondiscriminatory and will provide equal service to any child regardless of familial status, race, color, sex, national origin, political ideology, religion, sexual orientation, or disability for children who are ready to participate in a typical needs program.

Our job as teachers is to be a friend. To be present as mentors and consultants who help children realize their ideas and explore their world. We work hard to create a learning environment rich in materials for them to explore. We are committed to the development of the whole child. We teach to develop self-esteem and inner confidence.

Each week, you will be emailed your child’s weekly schedule. The weekly schedule will keep you updated on all the classroom activities planned for your child for the week as well as notices regarding upcoming events and other important information and announcements.

Strong communication between you and your child’s teachers is critical to your child’s success. We require parent/ teacher conferences twice a year. This is an opportunity to discuss your child’s progress and strengths, and to address any concerns that might crop up during their development. Parents or teachers may request additional parent/teacher conferences at any time. When it comes to your child’s well-being, we are happy to communicate with you via email, phone, or face to face as needed.

We are always happy to answer questions!

Our Philosophy 

An Early Achievers Program

A great place for kids to learn and grow!

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