An Early Achievers Program

A great place for kids to learn and grow!

Full Day School Age Schedule for NSD Breaks & Summer 

7:00 Arrivals & free play
7:20 Breakfast
7:30 Outdoor play
8:15 Free play/sensory/art
9:00 Outside play
  (or: field trips between 9:00-2:30 when scheduled)
9:45 Snack
10:00 Circle/theme activities
10:30 Art
11:15 Free play
11:30 Lunch
12:00 Quiet time/puzzles, games, books, writing table
12:30 Bathroom/sunscreen/outdoor play
1:15 Science
1:45 Cooking/lego/puzzle challenge
2:30 Snack
2:45 Free play & clean up
3:00 Outside play
3:45 Share & one fun thing you did today
4:15 Free play
4:30 Snack
5:00 Outside play
5:40 Inside free play
6:00 Clean up & end of day

School Age Children - Kindergarten thru 12 years of age

Before & After Care when Northshore School district (NSD) is in session
Includes transportation to and from Kenmore & Lockwood Elementary Schools

7:00am to 6:00pm = $150/week, Flat weekly rate only when NSD is in session

Full Day during NSD breaks: summer, winter, mid-winter & spring break: 
7:00am to 6:00pm = $255/week, 5 days/week

Students must be full day students at either Kenmore or Lockwood Elementary. The flat weekly fee includes transportation to and from school. There is a $100 enroll & supply fee upon enrollment per family and a $50 summer event fee due each June per child. Field trips during the summer require a $10 transportation fee for each field trip and entrance fees for venues if required.

Each family will have 3 weeks per year when they may take vacation time with unpaid tuition with a 2 week written notice only during Northshore School District winter, mid-winter, spring and summer breaks.​

Additional Information

Program summary during the school year:
school age children need time with friends and time to reflect on their day. We focus on games, art and some outdoor time before heading to school as a way to relax. After school it’s important for kids to wind down, have a snack and rest a bit to replenish themselves. We help children finish their homework before heading home so they can enjoy some family time at the end of the day. Various activities are available after school to enjoy with their friends once the homework is done. Plenty of outdoor time is important for growing bodies year round and we have a large playground for our older kids. Social skills are something school age children continue to need lots of practice and coaching in. Teachers help to monitor and negotiate good will and peace among friends to help children develop these critical life-long skills.

Program summary during the NSD school breaks and summer:

Our full day schedule is listed and the professionally designed curriculum includes weekly themes with structured art, science, cooking, math and literacy practice. A full day is a mixture of structure vs. free play throughout the day with plenty of challenging projects. Field trips are scheduled as well on Tuesdays and Thursdays throughout the summer along with our special event Wednesdays with magic shows, petting zoos and pony rides. During school breaks and summer, children relax at the end of the week with their friends with popcorn movie Fridays.

A day for school age children during the school year begins with a greeting from a friendly face. Once you have signed them in, you will escort your child to their proper classroom. There they can choose activities such as reading, art, puzzles and games to entertain themselves with friends while the teacher prepares breakfast. After breakfast, the children enjoy some outside time for a bit of fresh air before grabbing their things to head to school in our transportation van. As the bells ring at the end of the school day, their Morning Star teacher will greet them at the assigned location with the van to pick them up. Once back at Morning Star, the children will enjoy a nutritious snack and some homework help, followed by games, free play and some outside time while waiting for parents to pick up.

A year for school age: throughout a year children will make life long connections both socially and emotionally. Our goal is to help them succeed as they travel through their school years. Children will be exposed to basic Spanish and sign language words as well as relaxation time with yoga, during each afternoon.

Children will only need lunches during NSD breaks, summer and non-school days. Lunch is at 11:30 and all children are required to bring a brown bag lunch complete with beverage if they will be with us at lunch time.

Snacks are provided throughout the day: a snack is served immediately upon arriving back from school. Snacks include many healthy options that meet the state guidelines for healthy eating. Snacks include items such as; bagels, yogurt, fresh fruits and vegetables, we also like to include some fun snacks like English muffin pizzas and quesadillas.  In the school age room, we love to have the children help prepare their own snacks.

During outside time school age children will have access to scooters, sporting equipment, our sandbox to create rivers and volcanoes, and many other creative and adventurous projects and outdoor games.

School Age Program

Enroll Today: 425.686.0068

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